the denim jacket

So I was a little skeptical when I saw denim jackets making a come back. I dug around in the depths of my wardrobe to find one of my old denim jackets to see if it still fit. I found it in my flat mate's cupboard (where i keep my clothes I don't wear because there is no more space in mine) and it took me a couple days to find something to wear it with (denim and denim is a no no in my books) but I did eventually and it was just as comfortable as i remembered, it did a good job in it's hey day. But needless to say that was the one and only time i wore my old little jacket and I have been searching for a new one for sometime now.
Meet my NEW denim jacket: Julie by Pepe Jeans, this fantastic little cropped jacket is just delightful with all its zipper and stitching details, and it has been placed with my no.1's to wear, especially with CT's chilly evenings! K
model: Leandri Erlank . photo: me

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