Been searching for a lovely plum item to add to my wardrobe, this colour has recently become my new obsession. Think I'll keep searching! Kx


Set against the mountains in Peru, my favourite trend of the moment worn by the beautiful Estonian Tiiu Kuik shot by Micheal Filonow for Latin American Vogue August 2011 issue. I am soo inspired by tribal prints and fabrics and just this week my bosses returned from their American holiday and gave us each a beautiful Mexican gift which I can't wait to show you guys here! So for a little inspiration this weekend, take a visual journey to Peruvia...

when in venice

Marloes Horst for Free People August: I think I've found the perfect inspiration for my Spring wardrobe, now to go shopping! K x

i've never been to venice

I love this fashion story from Free People's latest collection featuring the beautiful Marloes Horst. K

that road trip

So we've finally decided on a holiday destination! At the beginning of November my bf & I are going to take 2 weeks off and road trip the South African East Coast, and I just can't wait. I haven't been that way in a couple of years and second only to the West Coast's pure white beaches, the Eastern Cape is my favourite part of our beautiful country. These pics were taken a couple months ago on our 'end of summer' camping trip. Can't wait for the weather to warm up again.Today is also the bf's Birthday so we are spending the day enjoying Cape Town's endless beauty with a possible trip up to Table Mountain, will share some pics later this week. K x

i'm wearing: Babette dress & Woolworths floppy felt hat