I have always loved black and white photos especially because I started out photography with a vintage Pentax camera using black & white film. It was my art major at school and we had a small dark room where we developed and printed our own photos. Since then I have moved onto digital photography although I often shoot in black and white! I'm really keen to get my old camera out and shoot some film again, so hopefully I will get to that soon. K


I've been in lust with headbands for quite awhile now going from the braided hippy ones to the more prominent one we are seeing leaning towards the turban (which my boss says I probably will be wearing sooner than never). See my leopard scarf worn as a headband here What is your preferred headgear this summer? K
image: Marie Claire

combat girl

Combat boots are quickly growing on me and the more I see of them the more I like them. I was quite skeptical when my  friend visited from London last year and wore Doc Martens out and about, but with the trend finally reaching Cape Town I've seen quite a few young fashionistas wearing them, especially at festivals! Now for me to find the perfect pair! K

strawberry kisses

Malcolm & Melissa doing finishing touches
Hello Sailor Fascinators
Apologies for my lack of posts lately, I have been very very busy with my 'real job'.
Last week we did the shoot for our Magalogue (KLuK CGDT's magazine-catalogue) with our new collection which consists of a beautiful range of reds & pinks. This time Mark Cameron was shooting leaving me free to run around and take a few behind the scenes pictures with our delightful Olympus Pen. This nifty little camera "not a compact not an SLR" has lovely little cheat functions that allow you to select your style, my favourite is the "lomo" type style. For the complete collection see here as well as Hello Sailor's fascinators.
these photos: by me (Klaudia D.) . model: Michelle at Faith . hair & make up: Melissa van Zyl at Infidels

festival essential

This weekend is Synergy Festival in Cape Town and of course I'm thinking of what I'm going to be wearing (because secretly thats what girls think about most don't they). I'm hoping also to take a few festival style pics *excited* K

summer eve

Inspired by the impeccable taste of Jojo from Smile and Style, I decided to do my version of the party outfit (with a twist). With red and pink being big colours this season (very excited for the KLUK CGDT Summer collection), I have been looking out for a pair of pretty red heels (sky high ones of course). These are on my dream list (sigh) but if I could find an amazing pair of these I would be wearing them with these dresses this summer! One shoulder (love) , bustier AND nude (double love) and strapless draped ebony (classic) and of course finish of the outfit with a great clutch! K


The beautiful Lara from Faith Models. K
Hair, Make Up & Photos: Me (Klaudia D)


The utterly beautiful Kristi Nurk from Faith. We did this shoot awhile back but these are still some of my favourite photos! Have a fab weekend! K

photos: Me (Klaudia D)

faces of freja : model of the week

The ever changing Freja Beha Erichsen, a favourite of top photographers such as Mario Testino and Craig McDean, and seen in a variety of campaigns recently from Balenciaga toValentino and MaxMara. K

weekly wish list

I am lusting after these gorgeous dresses with their lovely feminine detail and soft nude colours...
They are perfect for a summer evening, a light lunch in the vineyards, even for a special occasion. K
left: Halston Heritage middle & right: TOPSHOP

weekly wish list

I've been doing some imaginary retail therapy online and these are some of my favs! K
Jewelry . Onyx Ring: Georgian Jewelry . Skull Ring: Alexander McQueen . Bracelet: DSquared2 . Leather and Brass Studded Cuff: Burberry Porsum . Shoes . Hanna Granny Vintage Boots: Ralph Lauren . South Boots: Kurt Geiger . Tops . Stripe Crop Tee: Metro Park USA . Sequined Crepe T-Shirt: Vince . Strapless Corset: Unique at Topshop Shorts . Lace Shorts: Fashion Addict . Flannel Shorts: Topshop . Quilted Leather Shorts: 3.1 Philip Lim . for details see here 

a feathery topic

So I know I posted about Erin Wasson just yesterday but while I was going through some style inspiration pics I saw this one of her (left) and I thought to myself now that's familiar, and then I remembered I had seen Rumi Neely wearing a similar feather headpiece in her New York Fashion Week  post. Now it got me thinking about an article i had read about Rumi taking over from Erin as a designer at RVCA (correct me if I have my facts wrong please) and at the end they said that Rumi Neely copies Erin Wasson! Gasp of horror! Now I know it may look as if I am trying to prove this but I am not, I personally think that Rumi Neely of fashiontoast is a style goddess as is Erin Wasson, and actually I'd just like to show that they are both so fabulously stylish that they can pull off a mini feather headdress! I wish I could! Have a good weekend! K

model of the week: erin wasson

Rockstar chic Erin Wasson has always been a favourite of mine, her effortless style is contagious and I love her designs for RVCA. Seen in campaigns for Pinko as well as playing designer and model for RVCA and a familiar face on the covers of Vogue, Elle Uk, Elle Italia and I-D to name but a few she was also the face of Maybelline for awhile. I must admit I think I have a girl crush on her, but it might just be her style. K x
images by Dave Mushegain here and here as well as Dusan Reljin here from Fashion Gone Rogue

the maw i want

I finally got a chance to shoot the stunning Taniel Telo again! We had been planning a shoot for sometime but couldn't really find the time to do it. So this weekend we paired up with talented make up artist Alet and made a day of it! Despite the weather we had a great time and I'm really happy with these pics! Hopefully I will be working on more collaborations with stylish talented girls like Taniel & Alet! K

model: Taniel Telo of Faith . make up: Alet . photos: Klaudia D (me

danielle margaux

dark eyes and berry pink lips 

awesome menswear - uber stylish boys!

I have had an extremely busy past couple of days starting on Saturday with the Men's Day held at BMW SMG. It was the launch of the fabulous Danielle Margaux's collection and it was quite a hit. Beautiful shades of grey mixed with whites and lots of this season's favourite - stripes! The mens wear was especially fabulous considering it was her first mens wear collection and the boys looked great in their attire. Well done Dani! On Sunday I woke up to really miserable weather which got me in a bit of a panic as I was shooting but after a slow start we shot for most of the day and came out with some awesome pictures! I'll be posting those soon! My work week only started today (lucky me) because I was involved in the campaign shoot for MK Awards.. I couldn't post any pics which is probably a good thing considering I was wearing a full uni-tard of luminous pink Lycra - not my proudest moment! So we'll just have to wait and see how those come out! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! K

photos: Ilse de Klerk (details to follow soon)

the ones to watch

I came across this site this morning when I was reading the lovely Jessica's blog eclectic raccoon. Not only does she have an awesome rock-star style but she also has a great eye for a good photo (or at least I think so). So when I saw she had recommended The Ones2Watch I immediately had to have a look. What an inspiring site, I love every bit of it from layout to content, I will definitely be spending a couple free afternoons reading here. Klaudia