danielle margaux

dark eyes and berry pink lips 

awesome menswear - uber stylish boys!

I have had an extremely busy past couple of days starting on Saturday with the Men's Day held at BMW SMG. It was the launch of the fabulous Danielle Margaux's collection and it was quite a hit. Beautiful shades of grey mixed with whites and lots of this season's favourite - stripes! The mens wear was especially fabulous considering it was her first mens wear collection and the boys looked great in their attire. Well done Dani! On Sunday I woke up to really miserable weather which got me in a bit of a panic as I was shooting but after a slow start we shot for most of the day and came out with some awesome pictures! I'll be posting those soon! My work week only started today (lucky me) because I was involved in the campaign shoot for MK Awards.. I couldn't post any pics which is probably a good thing considering I was wearing a full uni-tard of luminous pink Lycra - not my proudest moment! So we'll just have to wait and see how those come out! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! K

photos: Ilse de Klerk (details to follow soon)

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