I have always been delighted with all things bohemian and vintage, even as a young child I begged my mom to take me to second hand stores to find special jewelery and handbags to play dress up with. Cape Town is very in touch with this market for thrift-ed and vintage goods. I love to check in at the You Me and Everyone Market every now and then as I have picked up quite a few special goodies there, if you're a Capetonian and you haven't been, it's at the Labia Theatre entrance, and you cannot leave without checking out Babette and Thrift. Another favourite is Akimbo at the Old Biscuit Mill Market. I am dying to do a shoot inspired by some of these images. I have been very busy these past few months, including a trip to Joburg last week for Fashion Week, hence the lack of posts, but I am currently working on a lot and have a lot of new shoots to share, so watch this space! K