august 1983

My latest collaboration with the amazing Taniel Telo for AUGUST. We shot these a couple weeks back in the midst of the madness at work and planning for my sister's wedding, but I'm so thrilled with the result and can't wait for the new year because Taniel & I will be collaborating as a stylist-photographer combo on tests. Watch this space if you think this gorgeous girl rocks in front of the camera she will blow you away with the divine styling! Check out her blog here and her clothing line 'cottage' at Cloak & Dagger near Cavendish Square.

Wishing everyone a fabulous festive season and a brilliant New Year!
much love x o x o Klaud


  1. Gorgeous, love you work Klauds X

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  3. Hi Michelle this collection will be available at Design Indaba end of Feb/ Beginning of March :)